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Heiress of the Nile




Lost and Found



Written by

Lady Lostris

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Last chapter

A Bad Day

"TBD" is the twelfth chapter of Heiress of the Nile.

Author's notes Edit

  • The choice for Meat Loaf's I'd Do Anything for Love was made by the iPod spirits: I was looking for an appropriate song when I dropped my iPod and the shuffle function jumped to that song.

Fun facts Edit

  • The first four thousand words of this chapter were written with pen on paper while riding various buses in Cambodia. Heiress of the Nile goes international!
  • The messenger hawk mentioned at the end of "Fate and Trust" and the beginning of "A Bad Day" finally arrived.
  • Tanus agreed to take dancing lessons with his mother, because that was something she used to do with his father and dancing with him, made her miss her husband less.

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