Welcome to Heiress of the Nile Wiki
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Welcome to the Heiress of the Nile WikiEdit

Welcome to the Heiress of the Nile Wiki, the central database of the fanonfiction story "Heiress of the Nile".

Besides updates on the story, the wiki will also be used to test out coding.

Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page Just for the record
    comment by Lady Lostris
    Neo Bahamut

    Neo Bahamut

    That's good to hear, I usually assume they're only funny to me & a pain in the ass for everyone else. I have been wonder... 

    Lady Lostris

    Lady Lostris

    I'd advice you to keep your posts G-rated the moment you really get into an argument with someone. When they can't win against you... 

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